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Presidential Fitness Award Winners

Presidential Fitness Award 2018

ELEMENTARY PE would like to congratulate the following students who have earned the President's Council on Physical Fitness Award. In order to qualify, the following students scored in the 90th Percentile or Higher National Standard in ALL 5 fitness tests: Pull-ups, V-Stretch, Curl-Ups, Shuttle Run, and Mile Run. Great Job!

  • Mazie Reeser
  • Kiera Sharp
  • Israel Monkus
  • Landon Bailey
  • Khira Kreitzer

American FlagTOP SCORES SCHOOL-WIDE --for each Fitness Test

  • Pull Ups: Mazie Reeser 5, Landon Bailey 9
  • V-Stretch: Berlin Salvador 13.5”, Ben Lemmon 7.5”
  • Clipart trophyCurl Ups: Kiera Sharp 52, Landon Bailey 55
  • Shuttle Run: Mazie Reeser 10.0s, Landon Bailey 9.6s
  • Mile Run: Saira Arellano 6:43, Landon Bailey 6:22
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