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    Continuance Bond May 2019

    The Stanfield School District will be going out for a continuance bond on the May 2019 ballot.

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    Winter Sports

    Winter Sports have begun. Call the school office if you have any questions. (The following link will take you to the athletics schedule.)

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    Early Learning

    Did you know a baby’s brain develops at a faster rate during infant and toddler stages than it does during any other time in a child’s life?

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Welcome to Stanfield School District


We are very pleased to announce that we have received a commitment for $4 million in matching funds through the Oregon Schools Capital Improvement Match (OSCIM) grant if voters approve a bond for Stanfield Schools on the May 2019 ballot! We hope to see more people at our future bond information meetings and we will work diligently to find opportunities to present information and answer questions as often as possible. If you have questions or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Beth Burton at her direct line (541) 449-2204 or by email at beth.burtonatstanfieldsd.org.

You can read the article in the Eastern Oregonian by clicking here.

Nominate District Staff for a Crystal Apple Award

Crystal Apple logo

Nominations for the 2019 Crystal Apple "Excellence in Education" Awards are now open. These annual awards recognize outstanding educators and school staff in eastern Oregon school districts.

Those eligible to be nominated are full-time or part-time employees who have worked in the district for one year. Crystal Apple Awards can be given to principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraeducators, office staff, maintenance staff and other district staff. They can be nominated by administrators, teachers, paraeducators, school staff, students, parents or community members.

The Nomination Form is available on the InterMountain ESD website. Deadline for nominations is April 1, 2019. 

Crystal Apple award winners will be honored in May. If you have questions about the Crystal Apple Awards, please see the Crystal Apple Page on the IMESD website.

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Smile! It’s National Children's Dental Health Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month is observed in February and sponsored by the American Dental Association. It is a time to increase awareness of oral health, promote good oral health habits, and spur advocacy for those suffering from oral health-related problems.

Despite the fact that it’s almost entirely preventable, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children. There are, however, safe and effective preventive measures that can protect teeth. Good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing, can help keep children from getting cavities.

Reports show that American students miss 51 million hours of school every year because of oral health problems. And students who are absent miss critical instruction time—especially in early grades where reading skills are an important focus and the building blocks of future learning. And students who have experienced recent oral health pain are four times more likely to have lower grade point averages than their counterparts who have not.

Parents and children are encouraged to brush their teeth for two minutes, two times per day.

For more resources, please visit NIH's website.

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Bond 2019 1st Video Release

Get caught up on some of the proposed Bond Facts with this video. There will be more to come but in the meantime if would like more information please visit our bond page.

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Stanfield School District Radon Test Results

January 24, 2019

Dear Stanfield School Parents, Teachers, Staff and all Building Occupants:

As part of the Oregon Health Authority’s Healthy and Safe Schools Plan, all Oregon schools are required to test for radon by January 1, 2021.

To ensure all Stanfield schools are safe and healthy, and to meet the new OHA mandates, the District placed test devices at Stanfield Secondary School and District Office on November 26, 2018.  The test devices were picked up on November 29, 2018, and immediately shipped for testing.  Results were received from the lab on December 4, 2018.

The District also placed the test devices at Stanfield Elementary School and the Maintenance Barn on January 14, 2019. The test devices were picked up on January 17, 2019, and immediately shipped for testing. Results were received from the lab on January 24, 2019.


  • Stanfield School District buildings are all safely under the 4.0 EPA action level.


  • Radon---A gaseous radioactive decay product of radium.
  • Blanks---Measurements made by analyzing unexposed (closed) detectors that accompanied exposed detectors to the field.  The School District use of blanks is to assess any change in analysis result caused by exposure other than in the environment to be measured.  Background levels may be due to leakage of radon into the detector, detector response to gamma radiation, or other causes.
  • Duplicates---Duplicate measurements provide a check on the precision of the measurement result and allow the user to make an estimate of the relative precision.  Large precision errors may be caused by detector manufacture or improper data transcription or handling by suppliers, laboratories, or technicians performing placements.  Precision error can be an important component of the overall error.  The precision of duplicate measurements is monitored and recorded as quality records.
  • Spikes---Measurements used to assess the accuracy of a lab analysis and/or how accurately detectors supplied by a laboratory (i.e. test kit manufacturer) measure radon.  “Spikes” are test kits that have been exposed to a known concentration of radon in a chamber approved by the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) or National Radon Safety Board (NRSB).  Spikes must be performed by a separate laboratory, then sent for analysis with the bulk samples.  The process for completing this aspect of a radon measurement effort’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control plan is laid out in the Radon Test Placement Strategy and Protocol Checklist.

For more information about radon, please see the linked flyer.

For any questions regarding radon testing or results in our district, please contact Frank Longhorn, designated Radon Coordinator, at (541) 449-8766.


Frank Longhorn

Facilities Manager

Department of Operations

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