Coronavirus Update--Effective immediately--March 12, 2020

Effective immediately, Stanfield School District's response plan to Coronavirus includes some new recommendations and restrictions pertaining to efforts to reduce and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  The changes are a reflection of the information released during Gov. Kate Brown's press conference this morning.  The District has been in contact with the Umatilla County Health Department and leadership from around the region. Right now, the recommendation from our local County Health Authority and from the state level is to keep schools open

Day-time school operations will continue as normal practicing social distancing to the extent possible.

All non-essential activities (group parent meetings, field trips and competitions) are suspended along with activities that bring in outside community and patrons. We will continue on with activities that involve our own kids as they are already around each other all day. Sports practices can continue after school with social distancing, as of right now.  We are waiting on guidance from OSAA regarding contests for the spring sports season. In-person meetings involving non-staff or visitors should be limited and conducted via phone or distance technology when possible. 

We will continue to sanitize district facilities, surfaces and objects utilizing appropriate protocols and procedures.  The same sanitation efforts we have been using to combat the flu are the same as what is required for Coronavirus.  Staff will continue to model good hand-washing practices, remind students to cover coughs and wash hands, and use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not available.  We are still asking staff and students to stay home if they are experiencing illness.

We are diligently monitoring the situation, and it is changing daily.  In the event that we need to change our response plan, we will communicate those updates immediately to all stakeholders using our communication platforms (website, Facebook, robo-call, etc.). 

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