Bell Schedule

School Hours:

Monday - Thursday
(No School on Fridays)

Complimentary Student Breakfast:  


Secondary School Bell Schedule

                              Regular Bell Schedule

Begin/End Periods
8:00-8:54 1st 
8:58-9:50 2nd
9:54-10:24 Advisory
10:28-11:20 3rd
11:20-11:50 MS Lunch
11:24-12:16 4th - HS
11:54-12:46 4th - MS
12:16-12:46 HS Lunch
12:50-1:42 5th
1:46-2:38 6th
2:42-3:34 7th

                         3 Hour Late Start Schedule

Being/End Periods
11:00-11:31 1st
11:35-12:06 2nd
12:10-12:41 3rd
12:41-1:11 MS Lunch
12:45-1:16 4th - HS
1:15-1:46 4th - MS
1:16-1:46 HS Lunch
1:50-2:21 5th
2:25-2:56 6th
3:00-3:34 7th

Bell Schedule

SSS Office Hours:

7:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday 
(No School on Fridays)


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