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Stanfield School District is a great place to be!

The following are the 2017-18 Oregon State Report Cards for our district and schools. Archives and additional information about annual reporting is available from the Oregon Education Department's web site.

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District (PDF) 2017-2018 2017-2018
Elementary (PDF) 2017-2018 2017-2018
Secondary (PDF) 2017-2018 2017-2018

Mission Statement

The Stanfield School District is dedicated to creating a program that prepares students to excel in life. In order to do this, students must receive appropriate education in the basic skills of reading, writing, math and science. In addition, they must learn to think critically, understand the world and its people, be effective producers, wise consumers and have a positive role in society. The district believes that it must take an active role along with parents and community in fostering these attitudes.

District Power Standards

The Oregon Department of Education has set Oregon Standards of learning in  kindergarten through twelfth grade. Stanfield School District teachers and administrators have begun the process of identifying District Power Standards.  Power Standards are prioritized as those that are absolutely essential for student success. They are separate from those that are "nice to know."  Power Standards are a subset of the complete list of standards for each grade and for each subject.  They represent the "safety net" of standards each teacher needs to make sure that every student learns prior to leaving the current grade.  Students who acquire this "safety net" of knowledge and skills will thus exit one grade better prepared for the next grade.

Once the Power Standards are identified, educators teach these particular standards for depth of student understanding.  Curriculum is developed toward that end in each grade level and content area.  Meaningful classroom, school, and district assessments are aligned to the Power Standards. These assessments provide the evidence of student attainment of the Power Standards, and students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.  The resulting data are systematically collected, examined, reported, and used to improve instruction.