Stanfield Elementary

Stanfield Elementary School (SES) includes grades pre-kindergarten through fifth with about 225 students. Our staff strives to challenge every student, every day, making this school a GREAT place to learn.

Students and staff enjoy an up-to-date facility that was built in 2000.

Our Vision

Our Vision- Care, Belive, Engage, TeachWe CARE about our students as they are the heart of our school family.

We BELIEVE it is the responsibility of ALL to learn and grow.

We ENGAGE our students in challenging and joyful learning experiences.

We TEACH our students skills to build knowledge for our evolving world.

Announcements & News

Wildhorse Foundation Grant Award

Stanfield Elementary School has been awarded a $14,588 grant from the Wildhorse Foundation. We are excited to move forward with implementation in the coming months. The grant funds will be used to purchase four ActivPanel Promethean Boards for teachers in kindergarten through second grade. This new technology will be used in classrooms to enhance and activate learning.

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Elementary PE News Flash

Landon and John

5th graders Landon Bailey and John Putnam finished the "Stanfield Strong" Marathon 26.2 Challenge. Both students chose to run 106 total laps on the track during their morning recess breaks to complete an entire Marathon of 26.2 miles! This is the second year in a row for both.

Attaway boys to show true Tiger GRIT!

Mr. Z

Grit, (Noun): Courage & Resolve; Strength of Character

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