Stanfield Elementary

Stanfield Elementary School (SES) includes grades pre-kindergarten through fifth with about 225 students. Our staff strives to challenge every student, every day, making this school a GREAT place to learn.

Students and staff enjoy an up-to-date facility that was built in 2000.

Our Vision

Our Vision- Care, Belive, Engage, TeachWe CARE about our students as they are the heart of our school family.

We BELIEVE it is the responsibility of ALL to learn and grow.

We ENGAGE our students in challenging and joyful learning experiences.

We TEACH our students skills to build knowledge for our evolving world.

Announcements & News

All About Me Night!

Thursday, 9/19/19, from 5:30-7:00 PM join Stanfield Elementary School for an "All About Me Night!" Students have put together some art to showcase themselves and who they are. Dinner and dessert will be served. Come make a connection with your child and their teacher!

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First Day of School


We did it! The first day of school has come and gone. Thank you to staff, parents, and students for making it a great day. Stanfield Elementary staff hopes you had a great summer and are ready to get back in to a learning routine! As Dr. Seuss says, "You're off great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!"

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Stanfield Elementary School Outdoor School

Outdoor School Campers

Stanfield Elementary School 5th Grader participated in Outdoor School this week at Camp Tupper an hour outside of Heppner. We had 31 students attend Outdoor School and 30 of those students hiked to the top of Mt Tupper! The most ever in a 5th grade class and in record time! Great job kids! Students were able to attend classes directed by Fish and Wildlife and our camp counselors. Mr. Tynkila did a fish dissection, which is always fun! Miss Eddy and Mrs. Weyand did an outstanding job organizing and keeping this program authentic for our 5th grade students. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the adults who gave of their time to help make this Outdoor School a huge success -- Mr. Samp, Mr. Harris, Mr. Grifin, Mr. Tynkila, Mrs. Weynad, Mrs. Crawford, and Miss Eddy. We don't want to forget our terrific high school counselors who helped out as well -- Cody Griffin, Savannah Sharp, Emily Walker, and Kylee McClure. Thank you everyone!

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Spelling Test Winner

Stanfield School District is very proud of Adriel Ibarra. He took 1st place at Stanfield Elementary School's spelling test and also won the county spelling test that took place this week in Pendleton! He can now attend the state test in Salem.

Let's all cheer on Adriel!

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Stanfield Elementary School Winter Concert

All Students Last Christmas Song

The Stanfield Elementary School held their Winter Concert last Thursday. It was a wonderful time for students, staff, and parents.

Everything you saw at the concert was done by the students. They did the skit, helped invent all the actions for the songs, and even did all the decorations. The bucket band started practice about 6 weeks ago. Buckets were donated buy ACE Hardware and the school bought all the drum sticks. 62 students have been involved and are rotating through to learn different rhythms. We hope to continue to expand the program. They will be playing at half time in four upcoming varsity basketball games. 

A huge thank you to Mrs. Milburn for working so hard with the students, thinking outside the box, and giving students an opportunity to lead.

The following are students who helped out during the concert.

  • Hosts: Khira Kreitzer, Savanah Stover, Katelyn, McFetridge, Kiera Sharp
  • Lily Villalobos Translation
  • Kiera Sharp Piano Solo
  • Payten Andrews Vocal Solo
  • Avery Tynkila Poem
  • Savanah Stove Piano Solo
  • Joy and Avery Cranston Vocal Duet
  • Derek Harper and Katelyn McFetridge helped conduct a song

Thank you students for a terrific job! Thank you staff and parents for all the hard work and effort you put into it to make it run so smoothly! Thank you, Ilah Munro, for taking the pictures for us.

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Results of Penny Drive

Penny Drive Check Presentation

The results of the Penny Drive are in! The Stanfield Elementary School students raised $1,219.16. The money went to the Stanfield Food Basket. Great job!! We are so proud of you!

  • First Place- Miss Eddy's class
  • Second Place- Mrs, Harwood's class
  • Third Place- Ms. Chavez
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Stanfield Elementary's Penny Drive

Check out the article in the East Oregonian on "Harvesting the Power of Pennies." It's about Phoenix Davis and his determination, along with his classmates, to raise money for the Stanfield Food Basket.

The students set a goal of $1,000, and they surpassed it by raising $1,219.16.

Great job students and staff. We are so very proud!

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Stanfield Elementary School’s Thanksgiving Lunch

Staff serving students

Stanfield Elementary School held our Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday, November 15th. We had students and staff from various departments, along with Board Members, come and help serve, stock food, take tickets, and clean.  It was nice to interact with the students, staff, and parents.

On the menu were rolls, fruit salad, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. We would like to extend a thank you to our incredible cafeteria staff, Stephenie Grogan, Lisa Logan, and Angie Ellis for their dedication to the students and staff at Stanfield Elementary. The food was delicious.

Once again we served over 350 people, including students, staff, and parents/community members. Thank you so much for your support of the school, students, and staff.

To view more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

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SES Penny Drive

students in front of penny drive sign

Stanfield Elementary School will be having a penny drive to help raise money for our community. The penny drive shows young people that they have the ability to make the world a better place by encouraging a caring culture at our school.

Each student will collect pennies, bring them to their class, and we will tally each classroom’s total number of pennies. The class that collects the most pennies will get a PIZZA PARTY!

The Penny Drive will last through October and November. We will use the funds to give back to our community.


La Escuela Primaria Stanfield va a patrocinar una colección de centavos (pennies), para ayudar con dinero a nuestra comunidad. La colección de centavos le va a enseñar a los niños a que ellos tienen la habilidad de hacer del mundo un lugar mejor donde vivir, y les ayuda a entender el cariño y la cultura de nuestra escuela.                  

Cada estudiante va a ayudar a juntar centavos, traerlos a su clase, y cada clase va a contar todos los centavos que hayan juntado, y la clase que haya juntado más centavos va a tener una CELEBRACIÓN CON PIZZA!

La colección va a durar todo el mes de Octubre 15 y Noviembre 15. Los fondos que se recauden se usarán para dar de regreso a nuestra comunidad.

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Elementary PE News Flash

Landon and John

5th graders Landon Bailey and John Putnam finished the "Stanfield Strong" Marathon 26.2 Challenge. Both students chose to run 106 total laps on the track during their morning recess breaks to complete an entire Marathon of 26.2 miles! This is the second year in a row for both.

Attaway boys to show true Tiger GRIT!

Mr. Z

Grit, (Noun): Courage & Resolve; Strength of Character

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