Stanfield Elementary

Stanfield Elementary School (SES) includes grades pre-kindergarten through fifth with about 225 students. Our staff strives to challenge every student, every day, making this school a GREAT place to learn.

Students and staff enjoy an up-to-date facility that was built in 2000.

Our Vision

Our Vision- Care, Belive, Engage, TeachWe CARE about our students as they are the heart of our school family.

We BELIEVE it is the responsibility of ALL to learn and grow.

We ENGAGE our students in challenging and joyful learning experiences.

We TEACH our students skills to build knowledge for our evolving world.

Announcements & News

Elementary PE News

Presidential Fitness Award Winners

Presidential Fitness Award 2018

ELEMENTARY PE would like to congratulate the following students who have earned the President's Council on Physical Fitness Award. In order to qualify, the following students scored in the 90th Percentile or Higher National Standard in ALL 5 fitness tests: Pull-ups, V-Stretch, Curl-Ups, Shuttle Run, and Mile Run. Great Job!

  • Mazie Reeser
  • Kiera Sharp
  • Israel Monkus
  • Landon Bailey
  • Khira Kreitzer

American FlagTOP SCORES SCHOOL-WIDE --for each Fitness Test

  • Pull Ups: Mazie Reeser 5, Landon Bailey 9
  • V-Stretch: Berlin Salvador 13.5”, Ben Lemmon 7.5”
  • Clipart trophyCurl Ups: Kiera Sharp 52, Landon Bailey 55
  • Shuttle Run: Mazie Reeser 10.0s, Landon Bailey 9.6s
  • Mile Run: Saira Arellano 6:43, Landon Bailey 6:22
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Elementary PE News

Student Winners

Jumprope for Heart logoJUMP/HOOPS FOR HEART 2018


It Takes Heart to be a HERO!

Stanfield Tiger Cubs “rock” Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart Event 2018 raising $3,452NEW SCHOOL RECORD for The American Heart Association. Their efforts connected Stanfield Elementary School to our community by fundraising money used for research in the fight to prevent heart-lung disease and stroke. By doing so, they also promoted awareness to staying fit, active, and healthy for a life-time. And, we had a lot of FUN!!

Along with the A.H.A., I would like to congratulate our 94 participants for a job well done.

Way to hustle your HEART Muscle!

SES logoTop 3

  1. Brooklyn Gaines $515
  2. Avery Tynkila $311
  3. Violet Scott $240

Hoops Tournament Champions

  1. B-Ballerz 9-0 - Jesus Arellano, Landon Bailey, John Putnam


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Elementary PE News Flash

Landon and John

5th graders Landon Bailey and John Putnam finished the "Stanfield Strong" Marathon 26.2 Challenge. Both students chose to run 106 total laps on the track during their morning recess breaks to complete an entire Marathon of 26.2 miles! This is the second year in a row for both.

Attaway boys to show true Tiger GRIT!

Mr. Z

Grit, (Noun): Courage & Resolve; Strength of Character

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Stanfield Youth Basketball

The program is open to students currently enrolled in grades 1-6. A parent/guardian must complete a registration form for each child.

Students in grades 1-2 will have practice and games in Stanfield on Saturday mornings in January and February. Registration fee is $20 and includes a uniform, which each player may keep.

Students in grades 3-6 will be playing on Stanfield teams in the Hermiston Youth Basketball Association. These games begin on Saturday, January 6, and will be played in Hermiston. Registration fee is $45.

There is a family maximum of $100 for all children in the family. If a family needs financial help, scholarships are available. Contact Blaine Ganvoa at for more information.

Make checks payable to Stanfield Elementary School.

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