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These forms are to be completed by every student's parent/guardian. Income eligibility changes every year. There is not a set number of students or monies that people draw from. Anyone who qualifies, will receive a free lunch. The State of Oregon has voted again to cover the reduced lunch costs, so even if you qualify for the "reduced" lunch, it will be a free meal.

Stanfield School District has once again voted to give every student, regardless of income, a free breakfast.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school's secretary, (Stanfield Secondary School - Wendy Griffin at 541-449-3851 OR Stanfield Elementary School - Heather Monkus at 541-449-3305)

Below you will find the application forms which would need to be completed. These forms MUST be completed EACH school year, which is a federal government requirement.

Stanfield School District strives to feed our students nutritionally rich foods that qualify under the USDA Child Nutrition Program guidelines.

2019-2020 School Calendar

School Supplies

Stanfield Elementnary Student Handbook

  • 2019-2020 Student Handbook -- coming soon

Umatilla County and Stanfield Elementary School Immunizations Information

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SafeOregon is a progam created for Oregon students, parents, school staff and community members to report and respond to student safety threats. Tips can be submitted through (email), phone call or text, mobile app or the web portal. Tips are confidential and can be made anonymously.

For more information and to submit a tip, click here

The Most Important Job is . . .

teacher with student

Helping your child understand that attending school every day is important to their success. Whenever possible, schedule doctor’s appointments for after school or on Fridays. Try to take family vacations during school breaks.

Helpful Hints to Make Sure Your Child Can Be Successful

These simple and practical ideas will help you and your family enjoy a successful year.

  • Be involved in your child’s life. Ask them about their day and their friends. Spend time with them.
  • Make a plan for after school activities. Schedule time for homework, play, clubs, sports, and practice.
  • Scale back TV and video game time.
  • Establish bed times for school nights.
  • Establish a family reading time.
  • Keep a large calendar. Mark each family member’s activities on it.
  • Start a change jar so you will have spare lunch/school money on hand.
  • Get your children in the habit of getting ready the night before. Set out clothes and put the backpack together.

Five Important Questions for You to Ask Your Child’s Teacher

Having the answer to these questions will help you help your child have a successful year.

  1. What is my child expected to learn?
  2. What are your homework and discipline policies?
  3. How can I become involved at school?
  4. What can I do at home to reinforce important skills being learned?
  5. What’s the best way to contact you?


If you want to help in the school, we would love to have you join us. Be sure you complete a volunteer form through the elementary school office.

Helping student’s succeed is a joint effort. Students are most successful when all three members – students, family, and school- are working together for the best interest of the student.

Fun Sites

Below are sites that give parents practical advice for raising children.

Below are fun sites for kids and parents.

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