Stanfield School District Student Nutrition Program 19-20

The free/reduced lunch applications are to be completed by every student's parent/guardian. Income eligibility changes every year. There is not a set number of students or monies that people draw from. Anyone who qualifies, will receive a free lunch. The State of Oregon has voted again to cover the reduced lunch costs, so even if you qualify for the "reduced" lunch, it will be a free meal.

Stanfield School District has once again voted to give every student, regardless of income, a free breakfast.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your school's secretary, (Stanfield Secondary School - Wendy Griffin at 541-449-3851 OR Stanfield Elementary School - Heather Monkus at 541-449-3305)

Below you will find the application forms which would need to be completed. These forms MUST be completed EACH school year, which is a federal government requirement.

Stanfield School District strives to feed our students nutritionally rich foods that qualify under the USDA Child Nutrition Program guidelines.

The Oregon Department of School Nutrition has set the amounts we must charge for ADULT meals in the district. The pricing for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows: Breakfast $2.55 and Lunch $3.85. Please note that this will be the cost charged for those adults joining us for the Thanksgiving lunches.

Paid STUDENT lunches are $2.55 (grades 6-12) and $2.30 (grades PreK-5).

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