Stanfield Elementary School Outdoor School

Outdoor School Campers

Stanfield Elementary School 5th Grader participated in Outdoor School this week at Camp Tupper an hour outside of Heppner. We had 31 students attend Outdoor School and 30 of those students hiked to the top of Mt Tupper! The most ever in a 5th grade class and in record time! Great job kids! Students were able to attend classes directed by Fish and Wildlife and our camp counselors. Mr. Tynkila did a fish dissection, which is always fun! Miss Eddy and Mrs. Weyand did an outstanding job organizing and keeping this program authentic for our 5th grade students. We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the adults who gave of their time to help make this Outdoor School a huge success -- Mr. Samp, Mr. Harris, Mr. Grifin, Mr. Tynkila, Mrs. Weynad, Mrs. Crawford, and Miss Eddy. We don't want to forget our terrific high school counselors who helped out as well -- Cody Griffin, Savannah Sharp, Emily Walker, and Kylee McClure. Thank you everyone!

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