Elementary PE News Flash

5th graders Landon Bailey and John Putnam finished the "Stanfield Strong" Marathon 26.2 Challenge. Both students chose to run 106 total laps on the track during their morning recess breaks to complete an entire Marathon of 26.2 miles! This is the second year in a row for both.

Attaway boys to show true Tiger GRIT!

Mr. Z

Grit, (Noun): Courage & Resolve; Strength of Character

Stanfield Youth Basketball

The program is open to students currently enrolled in grades 1-6. A parent/guardian must complete a registration form for each child.

Students in grades 1-2 will have practice and games in Stanfield on Saturday mornings in January and February. Registration fee is $20 and includes a uniform, which each player may keep.

Students in grades 3-6 will be playing on Stanfield teams in the Hermiston Youth Basketball Association. These games begin on Saturday, January 6, and will be played in Hermiston. Registration fee is $45.

School Discipline and Policies

Children playingStanfield Elementary Commitment to be Bully Free

The Stanfield Elementary School staff is dedicated to creating the safest and best work environment possible for our students because we believe that we have some of the most respectful and responsible kids in the area. At Stanfield Elementary, our kids are bully free. They have become bully free by having zero tolerance toward any kind of bullying.

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