Stanfield Elementary School Winter Concert

All Students Last Christmas Song

The Stanfield Elementary School held their Winter Concert last Thursday. It was a wonderful time for students, staff, and parents.

Everything you saw at the concert was done by the students. They did the skit, helped invent all the actions for the songs, and even did all the decorations. The bucket band started practice about 6 weeks ago. Buckets were donated buy ACE Hardware and the school bought all the drum sticks. 62 students have been involved and are rotating through to learn different rhythms. We hope to continue to expand the program. They will be playing at half time in four upcoming varsity basketball games. 

A huge thank you to Mrs. Milburn for working so hard with the students, thinking outside the box, and giving students an opportunity to lead.

The following are students who helped out during the concert.

  • Hosts: Khira Kreitzer, Savanah Stover, Katelyn, McFetridge, Kiera Sharp
  • Lily Villalobos Translation
  • Kiera Sharp Piano Solo
  • Payten Andrews Vocal Solo
  • Avery Tynkila Poem
  • Savanah Stove Piano Solo
  • Joy and Avery Cranston Vocal Duet
  • Derek Harper and Katelyn McFetridge helped conduct a song

Thank you students for a terrific job! Thank you staff and parents for all the hard work and effort you put into it to make it run so smoothly! Thank you, Ilah Munro, for taking the pictures for us.

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