Request for Proposals for Architectural Services for Capital Bond Projects

Stanfield School District is seeking proposals from Oregon Registered Architects to provide Architectural Services for upcoming capital bond projects. All projects are located on the district’s main campus. It is the intent of the district, as a result of this solicitation, to award the work to one proposer who best qualifies for the performance of the work and whose fees are reasonable, all in the sole judgement of the district. Copies of the Request For Proposal (RFP) are on file and may be obtained free of charge at the Stanfield School District Office 1120 N. Main Street, Stanfield, OR  97875, by calling (541) 449-8766, or with Adobe PDF

Proposals must be received not later than Thursday, November 15, 2018, 4:00pm. Proposals not received by that time will be returned unopened. All proposals submitted shall be in sealed envelopes and plainly marked on the outside showing the name of the Proposer and “RFP Architectural Services for Stanfield School District”. 

Stanfield School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Minority and women-owned business are encouraged to participate in this solicitation. All Proposals submitted shall contain a statement as to whether the Proposer is a resident or non-resident Proposer as defined in ORS 279C.395. The Board of Education of Stanfield School District #61R may waive any or all informalities or irregularities, may  reject any Proposal not in compliance with all prescribed public procurement procedures, and mya reject, for good cause, any or all Proposals upon a finding of the district that is in the public interest to do so. 

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