Oregon SAT Scores Continue to Exceed National Average

(Salem, Ore.) – Oregon students who took the SAT exam during the 2016-17 school year continue to outperform their peers around the country, according to results released today by College Board, which administers the test. Oregon public school students had an average score of 555 on the Evidence-based Reading and Writing (ERW) test on a scale of 200 to 800, above the national average of 527. On the math portion of the test, Oregon students scored 543 compared to the national average score of 517. Due to a change in the test, scores from this year cannot be compared to previous years.

“While it is always good to see Oregon students performing well, I am most encouraged by the increased participation among student groups that have been historically underrepresented,” Deputy Superintendent Salam Noor said. “Taking a test like the SAT is often a precursor to going to college, so it’s important that all of our students have the same opportunities.”

Every student group registered significant increases in the number taking the SAT this year. For example, last year, only 12.4 percent of Oregon students taking the SAT were Hispanic or Latino, despite making up 22 percent of the student population. This year, 15.7 percent of Oregon SAT takers were Hispanic or Latino and the overall number of students in that group taking the test increased from 1,254 to 2,190.

Student Group Taking Test in 2015-16 Taking Test in 2016-17
American Indian/ Alaska Native 67 131
Asian 751 917
African-American/ Black 151 279
Hispanic/Latino 1,254 2,190
Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander 36 63
White 6,894 9,120

Oregon also increased the number of students taking at least one Advanced Placement (AP) test in 2017 compared to the year before and the number of students scoring a three or better (on a scale of one to five) on at least one AP exam. The College Board also administers those tests.

“The continued increase in participation and performance on the SAT and in Advanced Placement is a reflection of the investments the state has made in providing opportunities for students,” Noor said. 

He cited a variety of programs designed to support increased student achievement, including ongoing implementation of the American Indian/Alaska Native State Plan, the English Learner Outcome Improvement Plan, the African American/Black Student Success State Plan and new investments to improve student attendance. Additionally, Oregon is taking strides to increase culturally responsive programs and practices, including new efforts to expand ethnic studies programs and tribal curriculum. The state is also engaged in broader efforts to improve teacher quality and the effectiveness of school principals.

“The increases observed in every student group are a sign that we are moving in the right direction to close opportunity gaps among our students.”

Student Group Taking AP Exam in 2015-16 Scoring three or higher in 2015-16 Taking AP Exam in 2016-17 Scoring three or higher in 2016-17
American Indian/ Alaska Native 86 26 90 34
Asian 1,819 1,184 1,970 1,283
African-American/ Black 217 72 247 89
Hispanic/Latino 2,728 1,270 3,146 1,488
Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander 71 15 77 20
White 11,477 7,221 11,637 7,279

Media Contact: Tricia Yates, tricia.yatesatstate.or.us

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