November Enrollment Report

As of November 26th the total enrollment is 525 students (504.5 ADM).

October Enrollment Update

As of October 31st the total enrollment is 526 students (505 ADM). The District enrollment is up by 13 students when compared to the data from last year.   The enrollment at Stanfield Elementary is 284 (263 ADM).  The Enrollment at Stanfield Secondary is 242.  The chart is a breakdown of enrollment by grade.

Maintenance and Operations

The Maintenance Department at Stanfield School District is comprised of Grounds, Custodial and Maintenance personnel. We strive to provide a clean, comfortable, safe and esthetically pleasing environment for the students and staff at our schools. Schools that all students can be proud of.

Enrollment by Grade 9/30/2013

As of today the total enrollment is 519 students (498.50 ADM).  The enrollment at Stanfield Elementary is 275 (254.5 ADM).  The Enrollment at Stanfield Secondary is 244.  The chart is a breakdown of enrollment by grade.

Enrollment 9/27/13

The enrollment for the last Friday in September looks very much like last year.  It is good to report that the District is not losing students at this time.

It is important to remember that the State funds our Kindergarten students as one-half of the grades 1-12 rate.  Please refer to the chart below for more details:

First Look At Enrollment Numbers

The first look at the District enrollment (K-12) is up from our spring count and our estimate for the 2013-14 year.  At the close of last year the District had an adjusted enrollment of 478 students.  The current number is 495.  The Elementary School is currently up 10 from the spring count and the Secondary School is up 7.  While this is encouraging, a more accurate count w

2013-2014 Enrollment Updates

Beginning in September I will begin a monthly enrollment report. The report will summarize the number of students by grade and by school building.  If you have questions about the report, please call me at 541-449-8766. 

Budget Now Available Online

The Stanfield School Board Directors adopted thebudget for fiscal year 2013-14 at the June 12th meeting.  An electronic copy is now available online.

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