Bell Schedule

School Hours:

Monday - Thursday
(No School on Fridays)

Complimentary Student Breakfast:  


Secondary School Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule   Assembly Bell Schedule
7:45-8:39 1st Period   7:45-8:40 1st Period
8:43-9:37 2nd Period   8:44-9:39 2nd Period
9:41-10:12 Advisory   9:43-10:38 3rd Period
10:16-11:10 3rd Period   10:38-11:08 1st Lunch
11:10-11:40 1st Lunch   10:42-11:37 4th Period A
11:14-12:08 4th Period A   11:12-12:07 4th Period B
11:44-12:38 4th Period B   11:37-12:07 2nd Lunch
12:08-12:38 2nd Lunch   12:11-1:06 5th Period
12:42-1:36 5th Period   1:10-2:05 6th Period
1:40-2:34 6th Period   2:09-3:04 7th Period
2:38-3:32 7th Period   3:06-3:32  Assembly

SSS Office Hours:

7:00am-4:00pm, Monday-Thursday 
(No School on Fridays)

Stanfield School District #61R
1120 N. Main, Stanfield, OR 97875
Phone: (541) 449-8766
Fax: (541) 449-8768
Stanfield Elementary School
Phone: (541) 449-3305
Fax: (541) 449-8772
Stanfield Secondary School
Phone: (541) 449-3851
Fax: (541) 449-8751

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