We all love to be recognized for doing good...

Positive recognition is an incredible motivator for our students to make good choices, and to act respectfully, responsibly and safely. The teachers and staff at Stanfield Elementary have devised a simple way to recognize students that make good choices and act respectfully. It’s called . . . the “GOTCHA”.

Photo: Principal Headings drawing the weekly "Gotchas!"What is a “GOTCHA”?

A “Gotcha” is a small ticket that students are given when they are caught making a good decision, acting like a role model, being respectful, acting responsibly, or doing something that is above and beyond what is expected of them.

How does a “GOTCHA” work?

“Gotcha’s” are given by staff members to deserving students. Students put their name and room number on the Gotcha and then they have several choices:

  • Students can save up their Gotcha’s to choose from a menu of prizes.
  • Students can put their Gotcha’s in a daily school drawing that is read by the principal during morning announcements. If their name is drawn, they come to the office for a small prize.
  • Students can put their Gotcha’s in a class drawing to be announced at the monthly “Gotcha” assembly. If their name is drawn during the assembly, they get a big prize.

You Can Help

You can help by remembering that everyone loves to be recognized for doing something good. Be sure to recognize your child at home for the good things they do. Positive words go a long way.


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